How do you know when if you’re really buying Vegan perfume

As a vegan, shopping around for things like cosmetics, lipsticks and perfumes can be a little bit of a challenge, vegan perfume can be especially problematic if you’re not sure what you’re doing. First though, what exactly is a vegan friendly perfume? Generally the answer is any type of fragrance that is not tested on animals and has been rated completely cruelty free. Further more, these types of vegan fragrances have to be also free from any ingredients that are derived from animals too, just like food products.

vegan pefume

The first step to buying a product that’s vegan friendly is first looking for a stamp from one of the many international vegan bodies set up to achieve just this. There are quite a few organisations out there that accredit brands, so it may be worth familiarising yourself with a few of them before you get started or actually to to a shop to make your purchase. Some notable organisations include PETA and ‘leaping bunny’ these tend to be the more recognisable names that people know.

There’s a huge range of vegan perfume products out there

What exactly do the stamps mean on vegan perfume boxes though you may be wondering. Well these stamps basically ensure that the brand being sold has complied with the usually strict criteria that these companies have. Usually they will be inspected and their manufacturing process closely scrutinized to ensure that they really are complying with the neccessary vegan and cruelty free standard.

‘Cruelty free’, usually means that during both the testing and the manufacturing process, none of the ingredients or scientific testing has been carried out on animals. This is becoming an increasingly important buying factor for animal lovers and vegans alike, so companies are quickly looking to ensure that their brand is recongnised in this way. If you don’t see a stamp on the product however, check out our blog for more info on this, the chances are that in some part of the process, animal testing has been carried out, so it may be worth steering clear if this is of concern to you.